Tartufi Morra is in a historical building right in the heart of the historical centre of Alba. Come and see us.

Our shop is at number 3 Piazza Pertinace in Alba (Italy).

Refurbishment and renovation work has been carried out over the years to preserve and upgrade the building that houses our shop.

The shop offers a selection of Alba White Truffle and Black Truffle products, to satisfy the desires of passionate connoisseurs of good food all year round.

During truffle season, fresh truffles are available for purchase at Tartufi Morra: Alba white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico).

We carefully select the finest truffles to offer only high-quality products, suited to all consumer requirements.

The White Truffle is the ambassador of the excellence of the Langa.

We carry a selection of the most popular local specialities in order to offer our customers a complete gastronomic experience. High-quality typical products made from guaranteed raw materials. 

Book a tasting experience at our shop.

If you wish to savour the specialities of the Langhe and our finest truffle products, book a tasting experience at our shop: contact us to schedule your visit.


Piazza Pertinace, 3
12051 - Alba (CN) - Italy

+39 0173 364271
+39 0173 364272