Tartufi Morra was established in Alba in 1930.

Founded by Giacomo Morra, it was the first company to market and offer products made with the Alba White Truffle, the renowned Tuber Magnatum Pico. And it is thanks to Giacomo Morra that the White Truffle became a favourite on the tables of connoisseurs all over the world. He was behind the creation of the International Alba White Truffle Fair, which still attracts connoisseurs, visitors and tourists from every corner of the globe.

Giacomo Morra: courage, imagination and vision

Giacomo Morra believed strongly in the potential of the Alba White Truffle and the promotion of the territory. In love with the Langhe, he intuitively assigned the truffle a special symbolic value. During the Fair, year after year, he would choose the largest truffle and present it as a gift to a celebrity of the time. Personalities who subsequently became part of history received the Truffle of the Year: Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, Ike Eisenhower and Sofia Loren, to name but a few.
“The Truffle of the Year was a brilliant marketing idea, which helped make the Tuber Magnatum Pico a highly desirable object”.

Tartufi Morra, today

The historic shop at number 3 Piazza Pertinace in Alba is now run by the Bonino family. A landmark for the city, a must for tourists wishing to take home a taste of the area's most representative flavours. Tartufi Morra is the only company that can display the coat of arms of the city of Alba in its logo. There is an indissoluble link between Tartufi Morra and Alba: a union that has lasted for generations. A company that is now renowned throughout the world. The brand is a symbol of the history of Italian cuisine. Visit the online shop to discover the wide range of truffle delicacies.