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The Langhe

The Langhe is one of the most historic regions in Piedmont, it straddles the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, bordering with other historic regions of Piedmont, that is the Monferrato and Roero and it consists of an extensive hill system defined by the course of the rivers Tanaro, Belbo, Bormida Millesimo and Bormida di Spigno.

It can be divided into:
Low Langa: zone between the Tanaro River to the north and the Belbo in the south, with altitudes generally less than 600 m; and the zone of the Albese, wine and truffles (renowned white of Alba). Alta Langa: this is the area on the border with Liguria, with maximum altitudes of 750 m and a peak of 896 m in the town of Mombarcaro; here it is dominated by the woods. Langa Asti area: an area in the south of the province of Asti, with Canelli to the north and the river Bormida di Spigno in the east, with a peak of 851 m in the town of Serole.


Economy and typical products

In addition to the distinct industriousness in the tertiary, the area is distinguished for its renowned wine production: the wines produced in the Langhe area are famous throughout the world, in particular the reds, among which jump out:

Dolcetto d'Alba
Dolcetto di Dogliani
Barbera d'Alba

Equally famous white truffle of Alba, for which each year in the namesake town an especially dedicated fair is held that draws many visitors over the borders. Wherever you go the hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe is cultivated, made famous by the products of the Ferrero of Alba. There are many DOP cheeses. Some years ago, the area was famous for wine and food tourism thanks to its excellent products and also artistic-cultural thanks to the beauty of the landscapes and the presence of ancient castles and monuments in almost all the territory. Currently a proposal has been made for candidacy in order to include the Langhe territory together with that of Monferrato and Roero in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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